I was all by myself this afternoon looking for a birthday gift for my guy. I was at Bench… A guy, I assumed a sales crew was beside me. He was not talking. I was alone and I want to give the best gift so I cannot really decide on what to buy. I saw this polo shirt and was tormented on what color to buy. I held it up and compared it. I chose which size would fit him. And the guy was just there not talking. I kinda felt uneasy with that. I left the boutique to look for more but ended up returning to Bench and to that polo shirt I liked earlier. I still can’t decide! So I though of being safe and asked the sales man if in case not fitting well, can I change size and also the color. Another reason why I decided to ask him is to break the ice because he was there “assisting” / observing and not talking! Then he held this ID like he was wearing and is says something like I’m a deaf sales crew, my name is. I smiled and and nodded my head. What I did is just hold the black and white shirt asking which one should i buy. He chose the black one and wrote “easy dirty” and pointed to the white one, maybe he’s trying to say mas madaling madumihan or dumihin pag white. 

He was handsome and has a good built. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, sayang. But then i realized he’s not. If he is, he’s totally useless and know nothing. But look at him, he has a decent work and he was able to assist me in picking a polo shirt. 

Nice one, Bench! giving opportunities to physically challenged individuals. 

To learn more about this, read the article: 


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When the teacher is lecturing too fast


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OOOH. Reminds of the waves in Baler. 1,207 notes + Reblog
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Hallo there. I must admit. I always say. “I will right this in my blog” to myself but never did. Lack of time. And also, laziness. Please. :)

Will try to blog if there’s anything special goin’ on. 

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I now know how to play what Nica calls “The 3-in-1 Song” Bah Bah Black Sheep, Alphabet, and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. LOL. I am really obsessed into learning piano. I would be very much proud of myself if i would learn more about it. If i get to read notes na, and to “kapa” some songs. hehe. We went to Nat’l Bstore in Sta. Rosa to buy Nico’s school stuff and had meryenda in Greenwich. Fun day! :)

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